WRUP: Friday the 13th. by Alexander Sliwinski · Writer RSS on Dec 13th 2013 10:00PM. 0. True horror is playing the NES Friday the 13th game. What's everyone playing this weekend?

And Friday is payday, what's wrong with that? Apparently a lot. Friday the 13th, which occurs today for the second time this year, is synonymous in American culture with superstition and misfortune. The last Friday the 13th was in September and the

Editor's note: The following is a crosspost by Katie Little that originally appeared on CNBC.com]: Urban legend or not, Friday the 13th has been an unlucky day for many, judging from the multimillion-dollar accidents that have 

Today's financial recap and tomorrow's financial outlook.

Garry talks about the superstitions that come with today Friday the 13th! Then, he talks about a Canadian biker rally that only happens on Friday the 13th's! To download this or any of Garry's podcasts visit our iTunes page 

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