The Archbishop of New York celebrated mass with students Wednesday morning as part of National Catholic Schools Week and also commented on pending Catholic school closings across the city. Cardinal Timothy Dolan presided over a service at St.

The weather is impacting schools Wednesday morning.

Activists fighting school closings across the country converged at the U.S. Education Department on Tuesday to demand federal action to stop the shutdowns, which they say disproportionately affect poor and minority students. In a raucous meeting

Harris-Perry spoke on the parallel between the issues during desegregation and the school closings occurring today. She noted that in both cases there was an obvious pursuit of positive goals, but also the failure to account

Chicago isn't the only city looking to close a large number of its public schools—and it's not the only place people are upset. A group of activists from Chicago boarded a bus to Washington, D.C. Sunday. They gathered at the