Facing terminal cancer, and saying that doctors have given her as little as three months to live, on Tuesday evening Valerie Harper joined "Piers Morgan Live" for an honest, and inspirational primetime exclusive interview. On the heels of a March 6

Valerie Harper was in a great mood over the weekend, looking great and laughing it up as she talked to Savannah Guthrie about her terminal illness.Harper…

Valerie Harper is continuing to live her life to the fullest after going public with her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. View celebrity photos and get the latest celebrity gossip online! Get Hollywood gossip on famous people,

Valerie Harper will appear on the daytime syndicated show The Doctors March 11 for her first on-camera interview since she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The actress, 73, who co-starred on The Mary Tyler

An incredibly uplifting Valerie Harper spoke with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts Tuesday, less than a week after she went public about her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, with doctors saying she has as little as