On Wednesday, with a mighty swing of his bat, the New York Yankees outfielder collected the 4,000th hit of his professional career: Ichiro Suzuki reaches 4K-hit plateau. There's a little twist, because the 4,000th hit reflects a 

Yankees outfielder Ichiro Suzuki laced a single in Wednesday night's contest against the Blue Jays, giving him career hit 2,722. Remember, though, that Ichiro played for nine seasons in Japan before coming to the majors, where he collected 1,278 hits

Missed Ichiro's historic hit? Now you can watch it 4000 times if you want to.

Tuesday afternoon, Ichiro Suzuki collected the 3998th and 3999th hits of his professional career, with Ty Cobb and Pete Rose dead in his sights. But does Ichiro deserve to be considered in their class?

Well, now current Yankees outfielder and former Mariners icon Ichiro Suzuki has done the improbable, recording his 4,000th combined professional hit (between the Pacific League of Japan and the MLB) on Wednesday. Reminiscent of thousands of others 

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