New details are emerging about the FBI's rescue of 5-year-old Alabama hostage Ethan. Martin Savidge reports on how the raid took place, new photos of the bunker scene, and bombs found at the site.

Federal investigators late Tuesday revealed that they have found explosives in the bunker where a 5-year-old Alabama boy was held hostage for nearly a week — and that the kidnapper was killed only after opening fire first

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Jimmy Lee Dykes, the man who held a 5-year-old boy hostage for nearly a week in an underground bunker in Alabama, had two homemade explosive devices on his property and engaged in a firefight with SWAT agents before they stormed the bunker and

Ethan, the 5-year-old boy held hostage in a nearly week-long standoff in Alabama, is in good spirits and apparently unharmed. He turned 6 on Feb. 6, 2013 and organizers were planning a birthday party for him so big that they were considering using a