She talked about seeing Nicki Minaj there, and then said that she got to perform Minaj's "Super Bass" on "Glee." After having spent hours learning the song, it was no wonder that she has it committed to memory. And she didn't hesitate to lay down some

Fashion and Beauty›. Nicki Minaj: My line appeals to all women. Comments. Email; Print; Font Size. Nicki Minaj. 06 March 2013. Nicki Minaj discussed her debut design range for Kmart which is crafted to appeal to "women in general". Also in this

They've come along way from the snark days of Simon Cowell. Perhaps in order to compete with the more upbeat vibe of The Voice, American Idol is similarly going.

Herbert spent 11 hours designing a case with a drawing of Minaj sporting long blonde hair, big hoop earrings, a belly shirt and blazer. The words "Pink Friday," the title of Minaj's first album, run alongside, and the background is, of course, pink

"UmI think I would be willing to stay," devoted Elijah fan Nicki Minaj said seductively. She continued to love the 18-year-old's look (and can picture his face on blankets and posters!), but Randy Jackson thought his one-note performance "never left