"Two and a Half Men" fans may have to say goodbye to Jake Harper.

Embattled actor Angus T. Jones hasn't come unglued, his reported girlfriend said Wednesday at their church in Los Angeles. “He's not having a meltdown or a breakdown," Sarah M., a teen from Toluca Lake, Calif., told the Daily News after an evening

Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones have taken their anti-Two and a Half Men feelings in very different directions. Jones, known for his role as half-man Jake Harper, recently called the CBS show "filth" in a religious YouTube testimonial for Forerunner

"From what I know from Angus T. Jones' testimony, he came from a troubled home and his parents were splitting up and he nearly turned to drugs. His friend and him were discussing ways in which he could make money and he came up with a business plan

The angriest man in Hollywood has to be the manager of Angus T. Jones, the junior charter cast member of Two and a Half Men, who publicly trashed the sitcom this week. Imagine you have a pony that gets paid a mind-boggling amount of money for making