SANDUSKY — Cedar Point officials confirm that seven people were injured Friday a ride at Cedar Point malfunctioned. Park officials said six people were treated at Cedar Point's First Aid Station and one person was taken to Firelands Regional Medical 

A statement from Cedar Point said park officials are investigating Friday's incident and the ride will be closed until park officials and state inspectors complete a review. Operators stopped the ride at 6:42 p.m. Friday, Cedar Point said, after the

The GateKeeper roller coaster at Cedar Point already has given a million riders a thrill. Two months after its debut, the record-breaking winged roller coaster welcomed its millionth rider Wednesday. At the pace it's setting, park 

In a statement, Cedar Point said the ride rolled back down the lift. Ride operators, guests, police and EMS staff helped passengers off the ride. All seven people in the boat were taken to Cedar Point's first aid station. Six were treated and released

Seven people were injured in an accident at Cedar Point on Friday evening. A boat on the Shoot the Rapids water ride came back down the lift hill and flipped over. Several people jumped into the water to help the riders.