When is a dog a real threat that requires shooting four times until it's twitching and dying on the ground, and when is it just a dog doing relatively unthreatening dog things? In the heat of the moment, it's probably difficult for a police officer to

Three Southern California police officers involved in the shooting death of a dog have been pulled off street duty after receiving death threats from outraged dog lovers. The social media fallout from the Sunday shooting has the Hawthorne Police

(KTLA) — A Hawthorne police officer shot and killed a dog Sunday belonging to a man accused of disturbing a crime scene. A bystander recorded video of the exchange and posted it on YouTube. It all started when dog owner 

Leon Rosby, 52, says Hawthorne police killed his Rottweiler, Max, while they arrested him.

On Sunday, a Southern California police officer fatally shot and killed a dog in the City of Hawthorne, while arresting the dog's guardian for obstruction of justice at a crime scene. LAPD Hawthorne Police officer shoots and kills dog. A young