VENTRELL: Indeed, it's definitely December 21st and some of us are still here. (Laughter.) QUESTION: Those of us who are left behind, so to speak. Just on this Russian adoption bill, I mean, frequently in the Russian press and elsewhere it's described

(Though prepared in 2009, the chart takes into account known projects expected to be producing by 2012.) This drop is consistent with the observed decline in the worldwide rate of production from existing fields of about 4

Morsi's opponents have called for voting against the document. At least eight people died in clashes leading up to the first day of voting on December 15, when a 57 percent majority backed the constitution amid numerous complaints of violations at the

(Will Lester/Staff Photographer) The annual Chino Hills Boat Parade makes its way through the streets of the city Friday evening December 21, 2012. Close. Chino Hills Boat Parade – December 21, 2012. 1 of 14. ON22-HIL-BOATS-16-WL (Will Lester/Staff

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