Photo hoax: This cunning image left readers baffled. A picture of a giant squid beached on the Santa Monica coastline has been deemed a hoax. Over 500,000 people tweeted and viewed the image of an alleged 160 foot squid on Facebook after it was 

They Coconut crab (also known as the Robber Crab) are the largest living crab in the world and can climb coconut trees to harvest coconuts which they can break with their huge nippers and have been gruesomely know to feed on injured or unconcious 

An article purportedly showing a giant squid that washed ashore along the Santa Monica coast line is not real. Published by The Lightly Braised Turnip, the article shows a huge squid that grew so big because of “radioactive gigantism.” The article

The original photo, however, does not include the image of a giant squid, but that of a normal-sized whale which washed up on a beach in Chile in 2011. In an article entitled “Whale found dead in Chile,” (citing 

Some people logged onto their computers Thursday morning and discovered an amazing story circulating on social media. Showcased was an image of a monstrous giant squid that had washed ashore on a Southern California beach (top photo). The story 

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