It's time for another hamster to be evicted from the “Big Brother 15” house — but in a fun twist, the first four jury members will be competing to re-enter the house.

'Big Brother 15': The new HOH's nominations are By Andrea Reiher. August 23, 2013 10:13 PM ET. Follow @andrealeigh203 on Twitter | Google+ Google. mccrae-elissa-big-brother-15-2.jpg There are new nominations in the "Big Brother 15" house.

The nature of "Big Brother" is that when the balance of power shifts in the house, hamsters often have to go from "I hate so-and-so" to kissing so-and-so's butt. Such is the case this week with Elissa winning Head of Household. So, Amanda and GinaMarie

Things have finally gotten awesome in the “Big Brother 15” house. For the last several weeks, it's been pretty boring because everybody just cowers in fear at the thought of incurring Amanda's wrath, so they do whatever she 

Tonight on Big Brother 15 the jurors will bttle it out to return to the game, and the houseguests have no idea. Julie welcomes us to the live eviction show. Year after year the houseguests are told to expect the unexpected and tonight all hell will

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