In general, the Superbowl ads this year were straight up disgusting. I feel for my daughter's generation and the world in general after the filth I saw on my television box. However, there were three commercials that caught my

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This team won against all odds and in defiance to all of those (this columnist included) that nearly refused to believe in them at every turn and never thought they could ride that wave of emotion over every single opponent they would face in the

Super Bowl ads: Big winners of the big game. From “Mean Joe” Greene downing a Coke to the ETrade baby: A look back at the most successful Super Bowl ads. The classic 1979 Coca-Cola ad features <a data-xslt='_http. 1 / 11. Rate this Photo: 1 2 3 4 5

It's not often you see talking squirrels, The Rock, an Oreo cookie melee, a guy duct-taped to the ceiling and a supermodel kiss a nerd all within two hours of television. But, hey, it's the Super Bowl, and when it comes to the commercials, pretty much

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