It was 2008 and my BlackBerry Curve's BBM was overflowing with contacts. I'd plug away on the physical keyboard, quickly firing off messages and emails to my friends and colleagues. Back then, most of them had the same phone or another one of RIM's

We've referred to BlackBerry 10, the latest operating system released by Research in Motion (now known as BlackBerry), as the company's last hope. It's do or die, make or break, claim a hefty serving of the smartphone market or settle for a few crumbs.

That's prompting skepticism over BlackBerry 10's prospects for success in competing against Google's Android and Apple's iOS operating systems, even as Indonesia is one of the last major markets that the company depends on. “We expect BlackBerry to

Despite showing clear promise and being a tremendous upgrade compared to earlier BlackBerry software, BlackBerry 10 didn't receive the warmest welcome when it was unveiled earlier this week. At least one leading market research firm thinks BlackBerry

David Pogue finds a score of new smartphone features that BlackBerry has innovated.