The moon you see up in the night sky tonight is a Blue Moon. But no, it's not actually the color blue. Duh, everybody knows a Blue Moon isn't actually blue. A Blue Moon means the second full moon in the same month! But, um 

Tonight is a Blue Moon, but unlike the picture above it won't actually be blue. So where does the name from? Let us explain.

Back in the July 1943 issue of "Sky & Telescope magazine, in a question and answer column written by Lawrence J. Lafleur, there was a reference made to the term "Blue Moon." Lafleur cited the unusual term from a copy of the 1937 edition of the now

Usually, when we talk about a Blue Moon, we're referring to the relatively rare occurrence of a second full moon in a single month. But just like months sometimes squeeze in an extra full moon, so do seasons. Instead of having just three full moons

1) It's not really blue: Okay, so not really a newsflash, but the Blue Moon's name actually has nothing to do with color. Occasionally, the full moon can take on a reddish pallor, but today's full moon is not related to the actual color of Earth's

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