The Cedar Point amusement park says operators stopped the Shoot the Rapids water ride Friday evening after the accident, which occurred on the ride's first hill. It says park police, medical technicians, ride operators and park visitors helped

SANDUSKY, Ohio — An Amherst family got quite a surprise at their favorite vacation spot and no one saw it coming, except for dad, who is Gunnery Sergeant Jason Cooper of the United States Marine Corps. "This is the first 

Seven people were injured in an accident at Cedar Point on Friday evening. A boat on the Shoot the Rapids water ride came back down the lift hill and flipped over. Several people jumped into the water to help the riders.

SANDUSKY (WKYC) — Reports from the Sandusky Register indicate as many as 10 people were injured Friday evening when a ride at Cedar Point malfunctioned. Firelands Regional Medical Center staff confirmed one person was brought to the hospital for 

Is there a better combination than crabs and beer in the summer? Fishtown's Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen says no and they have your fix. On Wednesday, July 17th, they're bringing a taste of Maryland and the Eastern Shore to