The political dysfunction of the world's largest economy is epic. Even though Mr. Market is not forcing the US hand, the political class is intent on shooting itself in the foot. Yet the uncertainty over next year's marginal tax rates

Related Photos. Illustration/Les Cosgrove Paul didn't relish the idea of a six-hour car ride to Plattsburgh, but he had taken only that afternoon and Christmas Day off and wanted to be back in the office early on the 26th. –

But long before Shepherd began writing "A Christmas Story," he worked a couple of years at Inland Steel Company in neighboring East Chicago. Later in life, Shepherd often recounted those days on WOR in New York City in

This holiday season, make sure to spend plenty of time with loved ones — such as that kid from "A Christmas Story"

“He had the unique perspective of covering the entire mill being a delivery mail boy,” said Nick Mantis of Munster, Ind., who is producing a film on Shepherd's life that influenced "A Christmas Story" and so many of his works throughout his legendary