SASKATOON – Canadians from coast to coast celebrated the 146th birthday of our country Monday. In Saskatoon, a number of annual Canada Day festivities were held around the city. It's the day Canadians stand up and celebrate what they stand for.

Mental mistakes, a lack of offense and mediocre pitching result in a miserable Canada Day for the Tigers.

Avril Lavigne opens up about her wild and wonderful wedding to Chad Kroeger! Get the deets here!

Two so-called self-radicalized B.C. residents who allegedly attempted to detonate pressure cooker bombs outside the B.C. legislature during Canada Day celebrations may have been inspired by a recent al-Qaeda publication, say several security experts

A B.C. couple accused of trying to detonate pressure cooker bombs during Canada Day celebrations in Victoria have been described by a friend as "former street punks" who found Islam, but then exhibited increasingly odd religious behaviour before they