Two airings of TBS's annual A Christmas Story marathon were the top cable programs on Christmas Eve, with the classic film earning a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating at 8PM and a 2.0 at 10PM. Monday Night RAW was the top non-movie programming with a 1.0

Every Christian loves the story of Christmas. We love to hear about the angels and the shepherds. We love the think about noble Joseph and humble Mary. We love the wise men and the star of Bethlehem. We love the whole

I went onto the Internet the other night looking to download a graphic to use on a Christmas e-mail to send to family and friends. I rather naively did a Google image search of the word “Christmas” thinking that there would be plenty of images of the

So Christmas is over and people are already back to being their regular jerkbag selves, but before I put Santa to bed here's the R2-D2/C-3PO lamp built by artist Gordon Tarpley that was inspired by the sexy lady leg

Some years, the bad news outweighs the good, and the Christmas season doesn't feel all that joyous. But the message of Christmas has always been about finding new hope. The Grapengeter family of Fairbanks, Alaska, didn't have much hope, back on Dec.