Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry carved out a spot next to Hall of Fame NBA performers with his historic 54-point night at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

Before the games kicked off Wednesday night, I mentioned on Twitter that as Warriors guard Stephen Curry continued his season where he's arrived on the scene, he needed to have his "MSG Game." All the great scorers in this league have huge games in

Steph Curry had 92 points in two nights earlier this week. Tonight he was held to 25 on 22 shot attempts, as the Celtics' defense did enough to leave Boston with a win.

Stephen Curry's 54-point explosion at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night earned the Warriors guard a lot of new fans. Already widely considered one of the greatest shooters ever, Curry drew praise from many as the best shooter in the game today

On the morning after Stephen Curry's 54-point outburst in Madison Square Garden, we remember just how far he fell in the 2009 NBA Draft and just how close he came to becoming a Knick.