Matt Osborne, better known as Doink the Clown, was found dead in his girlfriend's apartment in Texas on June 28.

Former WWF Superstar Doink the Clown has passed away.

The pro wrestling community has lost a clown, a lumberjack and a former Texas Heavyweight Champion today with the passing of Matt Borne, best known to modern wrestling fans as the original Doink The Clown. Matt Osbourne, better known as “Maniac” 

"A rugged brawler in promotions like Mid-South Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling, Osborne made a major impact in WWE under the greasepaint of a prankster named Doink — one of the most enduring personas of the early '90s," WWE said.

Matt Osborne, a wrestling lifer who will forever be known as a symbol of the WWF's cartoonish early-'90s era, was found dead this morning in Texas. He was 57.