I love Daylight Savings Time. And I know many hate it. It's a strange thing, to be sure, and it's pretty clear that it would never be started now if it didn't already exist. “I know, let's change all the clocks in the world by an hour, temporarily, and

I never use an alarm clock (never have). I don't seem to need much sleep, and I let my body wake me up whenever it wants to. Daylight savings means I start.

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Daylight savings good for clock repair business. While many of us dread the start of daylight saving time, a Weaverville clock repair business says the time change keeps them busy. Clock Wise claims owners of vintage clocks often experience problems

The hour of sleep you'll lose Sunday morning when your clock springs forward might do more than just make you cranky. Some research suggests it translates into more car crashes and even heart attacks on Monday morning