Lauren Silberman '10 was interviewed by Click for video. MIT alumni are known for a “do-anything” mindset but Lauren Silberman SM '10 may have set the loftiest goal yet. Despite not playing on the football team at

It was always a long shot that Lauren Silberman would wind up impressing an NFL team so much during a regional combine that they wound up signing her for a chance to compete to become their kicker this summer. It's a much longer shot after her day at

The 26-year-old who made NFL history by being the first woman ever to try out for the league had her hopes devastatingly crushed on Sunday, Mar. 3. But it wasn't even due to a lack of ability — Lauren admitted that she had

Critics question Lauren Silberman's appearance at an NFL event to try to earn spot on a roster. 03:02 | 03/06/2013. Related Links: Watch: Lauren Silberman Is First Woman to Try Out for NFL · Watch: Lauren Silberman Becomes First Female to Try Out for

You'll recall, Lauren Silberman made history yesterday — becoming the first woman ever to try out for the NFL while humiliating herself on a national scale in the process. Silberman — a former soccer player from the University of Wisconsin