So you’re looking for a few WoW gold “cheats” you can apply in your game. However, you are concerned that you will be kicked out of World Of Warcraft if you use them? To begin with, there’s to worry about so kiss your worries away. You can indeed apply some WoW gold tricks that seem dirty but not really, without the threat of getting banned. Take for example the strategies of WoW Secret Gold Guide by Hayden Hawke that could earn you 1000+ gold an hour. More than 1000 gold every hour? Hard to believe but WoW Secret Gold Guide can make it happen.

Hayden Hawke is the person behind Hayden Hawke. She’s a WoW gamer as well, a very popular and rich player at that, so her guide should be worth a second look. Her guide can tell you what are the hot deals for grab on the auction house. You will discover how you can easily earn money which you can use to buy mounts. You will know how to make tons of gold out of the best selling items for each profession. Know the best places to mine, herb, and skin. Find out whether you should take a quest or not. These are just some of the things the guide will teach you.

If you want a different WOW guide you can get WoW gold secrets from, a few more guides include Gold Secrets by Luke Brown, Reaching WOW Gold Cap by WOW Schools and Hit Gold Cap by Tony T Dub Sanders. If you want a gold-generating guide, Gold Secrets would be a good pick. This guide will also help you with your level fast. Does it work for Alliance? Horde? It works for both. Is it legal? Definitely. You won’t be asked t hack or cheat. If you’re aiming for the gold cap, consider having Reaching WOW Gold Cap by WOW Schools. Hit Gold Cap is going to be a good choice for that goal. The guide is composed of 5 lessons that will explain to you how to make 214,748 Gold.

Are you sick of farming for hours? There’s no way you’d get rich with that strategy. You have to take your game to a whole new level. You can’t be broke the whole time. How painful is it that you can’t even afford a mount? Get help and get a guide if you feel that you really need to. Sounds an impractical idea but if you love the game, it will all be worth it. But before you make a choice, do a research first. Don’t just concentrate on one guide, check out others as well. Visit at and read Reaching WOW Gold Cap Review if you are interested to get to know the guides that have been mentioned.

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