An article purportedly showing a giant squid that washed ashore along the Santa Monica coast line is not real. Published by The Lightly Braised Turnip, the article shows a huge squid that grew so big because of “radioactive gigantism.” The article

ATF agents convinced mentally disabled kids to get giant squid neck tattoos, had them participate in a sting operation, arrested them for participating and then called it a success. ATF was also teaching people how to illegally saw off shotguns so they

The giant squid hoax has come to an end as initial reports of an enormous squid have been debunked.

1. Giant squid. In January, a team from Japan's National Science Museum announced they had captured what is considered the first ever film footage of a giant squid in its natural habitat, 900 metres below the surface of the ocean. Giant squid filmed in

The original photo, however, does not include the image of a giant squid, but that of a normal-sized whale which washed up on a beach in Chile in 2011. In an article entitled “Whale found dead in Chile,” (citing 

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