And so we see Google Glass from the other side of life. It is the side most familiar to dogs and bicycle seats. You must decide whether you find Conan's revelation — or, indeed, Conan himself — funny. But such humor serves to offer that Google's

Google is slowly pulling down Google Glass' veil of secrecy. With each announcement, the company reveals a bit more of its secrets. This time around, the..

A new promo video for its internet-connected glasses technology known as Google Glass has given potential early adopters a chance to buy the as yet unreleased product. The video, posted on Wednesday, touted the wearable technology as one of the

Google will be giving away 8000 of their new Glasses and all you have to do is come up with less text than a tweet, George Stahl reports on digits.

The USPTO has published a new patent application today from Google, which describes in comprehensive detail the complete system that would go on to become Goo..