The US government has admitted to the existence of a top-secret site in the Nevada desert, but the declassification will probably do little to calm 'conspiracy theories' over UFOs and other rumors involving the place.

For reasons unknown, the government finally has admitted that Area 51 — the Shangri-La of alien hunters and a sturdy trope of science-fiction movies — is a real place in the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Las Vegas. It presumably does not

Area 51 is a touchstone of America's cultural mythology. It rose to notoriety in 1989, when a Las Vegas man claimed he had worked at the secret facility to discover the secrets of crashed alien hardware, spawning two decades 

The spy agency acknowledged there IS an Area 51 in the Nevada desert. It did not say whether the test site houses space aliens or flying saucers — that decades-old debate will continue. No president since the Cold War would confirm Area 51's existence.

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