Everyone seems to be searching for Father's day quotes right now. Here are Happy Father's Day images 2013 (video) and some great quotes. After complete one year Father's day is here once again. It seems that we had celebrated the occasion just a few 

For many kids these days, the boob tube is a surrogate parent! And, for Father's Day, we rounded up 16 of the greatest fictional dads to ever graced the small screen!!! Even on TV, first-rate fathers are about more than just spankings and barbecues

The campaign launched on June 10th leading into Father's Day and has already reached over 15,000 people in cyber space. Black fathers can join the campaign by tweeting a picture of them and their kids to @thesocialseries (#FatherhoodIs) and also 

There in every memory / See his love and care / Strength and hands to count on / Freely he does share / Provider, toil so faithfully / To make our dreams come true / Give strong and tender discipline / Though it is hard to do

Happy Fathers' Day! I hope that every father had as happy a Fathers' Day as I did. It started with going to church, a fun outdoor ceremony. We took a number of photos, of which I will share only a few. Here, Ali and Kathryn carry the cooler to our