How a Financial Services Company can Assist with Debt Relief

While it may seem ideal to handle debt issues alone, it can be very beneficial to work with a professional that deals in debt consolidation. This can make the process go smoother and ensure that all of the options are discussed before making a decision that can impact one’s financial future. Here are some ways that a financial services company can assist with debt relief.

Offer Credit Counseling

When planning to alleviate debt, it is important to explore the options. Through credit counseling, an agency can take a comprehensive look at the overall debts and finances to guide a person through their options.

Develop a Plan

While an individual will still have to pay back their principal, a debt management plan can help reduce not only the interest rates but also the penalties that come with unsecured debt. By getting an understanding of the financial situation, a specialist can help determine a monthly payment that will realistically fit into a budget. This can help to get the debt paid off faster than if handled alone.

Consolidate Debt

Consumers who have a variety of debts can benefit from debt consolidation. A specialist who understands the ins and outs of negotiating with lenders is able to negotiate with creditors, so they help adjust accounts with more favorable interest and payment terms. At that point, they can arrange a personal loan to pay off the sum of all of the existing debts. This will result in a single payment which is much lower.

Settle Debt

If repayment of debts just isn’t in the cards, a professional can act as an advocate on their client’s behalf and negotiate settlements with lenders. The process of debt settlement does require some upfront costs and credit dings, but when working with the right company, there will be a clear path to financial freedom that wouldn’t be possible to achieve when settling alone.

Filing for Bankruptcy

In dire situations, bankruptcy is a last resort for many consumers. This process can alleviate a great amount of money owed, however, it is a lengthy process involving a lot of paperwork and legal action.

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