How To Make Money Singing From Home

2019 UPDATE: I still ADORE and use AirGigs ❤

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I am obsessed with this thing! It does wonders for my range, overall vocal quality and stamina on heavy singing days.

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Helloo and welcome to my first vlog!

I aim to share the things that have helped me along the way in chasing this dream of mine and likewise, I’d love to learn from you so fill me in on your secrets too!

No one has made it to the top without SOME help from SOMEONE, so let’s help eachother out and win together 😉

This first video of the series is the thing I talk about most often with my fellow singer friends because it’s so friggin’ cool! Aaaand we could all use some extra cash to fund our goals singing 😉

In the next videos I’ll be covering things like how to get a website up and running on a budget, how to have an online store to sell your music and merchandise without any upfront costs and inventory to worry about and more!

I hope this video was helpful and let me know if you’d like to see anything in particular 🙂