For years, the battle over carried interest has focused on how to tax the compensation of private equity managers. But a careful reading of the law suggests that all the business profits of these investment firms, not just the pay

Man gets notified that he's under audit by the IRS. Predictably, fear and panic ensues. The big day arrives, and the man reluctantly answers the knock at the door only to find a provocatively dressed female auditor offering to abate his penalty if he

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) – An Oregon man has filed a lawsuit against an IRS agent with whom he had sex, claiming he was coerced into the relationship because the woman showed up at his door "provocatively attired" and

Increasingly, the Internal Revenue Service has been chasing the big tax cheats and top earners to uncover missing tax revenue. But don't think you're immune to an IRS audit just because you're a middle-class working stiff. Often, a simple mistake or an

WASHINGTON (CN) – A federal judge who blocked the regulation of nonattorney, uncertified preparers of tax returns refused to stay his injunction pending appeal. The Internal Revenue Service has long regulated lawyers,