The model, who was romanced by Jake Pavelka in season 14 of “The Bachelor,” was admitted to the University Hospital in New Orleans on Monday night in critical condition after suffering a “serious medical emergency.” Like & Share this Story 

Not surprising, friends of Bachelor star Gia Allemand are sadly reacting to the sudden death of the 29-year-old model, including many who also appeared on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette over the years. Melissa Rycroft said in a statement to E! News

As anyone who watched Season 14 of The Bachelor can attest, Jake Pavelka is great at being himself. Which is perfect, because he sometimes plays a pilot on a

Well friends, it's been so much fun, but it's time to wrap up Bachelor Week here on OK! And we promise to go out with a bang. I know, you're probably thinking how could that be when we already spoke to newest Bachelor 

Former "Bachelor" stars like Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are speaking out about the shocking suicide of former contestant Gia Allemand, who reportedly hanged herself in her New Orleans home Monday. Allemand's boyfriend, NBA player Ryan