It's been more than three years since Jake Pavelka appeared on television screens across America as The Bachelor — but neither the distance nor a devastating breakup from his fiancée Vienna Girardi has kept Jake out of 

Jake Pavelka's former love interest is fighting for her life in New Orleans hospital, and she is said to have little pulse and be barely breathing. How terrifying.

As anyone who watched Season 14 of The Bachelor can attest, Jake Pavelka is great at being himself. Which is perfect, because he sometimes plays a pilot on a

Jake Pavelka: Gia Allemand was an angel. Many tend to believe that Lisa Robin Kelly, “That '70s Show” co-star dies. For most of Vienna Girardi: No Idea Gia Allemand was fighting these demons. Many people were surprised by this news.

'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka on Gia Allemand death: "We have lost an angel". Published Thursday, Aug 15 2013, 9:51am EDT | By Justin Harp | Add comment. Recommend 0. Tweet 0 · Tweet. 0. Submit. The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka has paid tribute to the late Gia