That's not the most sincere congratulations we've ever heard. However, because he's a Harbaugh we're sure John was too focused on the game to give his brother any more than a half-assed congrats.

Everything that an NFL team does on the field reflects on its head coach in some way. Because John Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers will be meeting on Feb. 3 to play out Super Bowl XLVII, it's safe to say that both of

Take that, Mannings. The coaching Harbaugh brothers have accomplished something that the quarterbacking Mannings never could: they'll face each other in the Super Bowl.

“Let's just cut that right now,” John Harbaugh joked afterward. “Let's forget about that.” But pick your story line here. The run of Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who has played in each of the Ravens' 17 seasons, has been extended one more game, and he

From the blog Shutdown Corner: When Jim and John Harbaugh coached against each other last season, it was the first time in NFL history that two brothers faced off as head coaches. And a lot of media attention was given to