A.J. McCarron hit DeAndrew White for a 67-yard touchdown. He then ran the length of the field with his arms wide, only to whiff on the celebratory chest bump. His girlfriend Katherine Webb and his mother Dee Dee Bonner 

A.J. McCarron and Katherine Webb are so 2013. In 2014, it's all about Blake Bortles and Lindsey Duke. Bortles is rising up draft boards thanks to his play and Duke is seeing a spike in her Twitter/Instagram followers after ESPN aired a profile on the 

Lindsey Duke, the model girlfriend of Central Florida QB Blake Bortles, may soon be as famous as Katherine Webb. Twitter. “Apparently she is more of a household name than I am,” a bemused Bortles told ESPN. “She's more famous than me, and there's 

First, it was former Miss Alabama USA and AJ McCarron's main squeeze Katherine Webb getting all hot and spicy in that TV spot for the Buffalo Blue Cheese Thickburger at Hardee's and Carl's Jr. Now, it's former Philadelphia Eagles bad boy and Alexander 

Lindsey Duke, who is the girlfriend of UCF quarterback Blake Bortles, is receiving Katherine Webb-like attention.

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