Kim Kardashian to Katie Couric: 'I Hate Fake Media Friends' Kim Kardashian has just posted a picture on her Instagram account with a picture of a Baby North West congratulations card from Katie Couric, captioned with a 

Oh snap! While Kim Kardashian is not a rapper herself – only dating and co-parenting a child with one – it appears she doesn't mind calling folks out as is often seen in hip-hop circles.

America's perky news sweetheart has taken a turn for the sassy…AND WE LOVE IT! Katie Couric is finally revealing her true feelings on everything from love and marriage to the most infamous reality TV family ever, the 

Kim posted a pic of a beautiful baby present she received from journalist Katie Couric — but captioned the pic with a total diss mocking the media giant! We've got the real motivation behind Kim's call-out!

We've been waiting soooo long for another great celebrity feud. And we've gotta admit, we weren't expecting it to be spurred on by Kim Kardashian. But the new momma was like a fierce lioness when she called out Katie Couric for dissing her family AND 

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