Kobe Bryant is off to a fast start, and the Lakers lead by two after one quarter.

However, some looked more at ease than others, like Kobe Bryant showing up to play rocking a fur scarf and some huge sunglasses. From the sweaters to the scarves, and everything in between, the NBA showed no shortage of ridiculous looks on Christmas

Is this fur-collared jacket, worn by Kobe Bryant as he strode into Staples Center ahead of his Christmas Day sitdown with the New York Knicks, ridiculous? Yes. But you already knew that.

Samuel L. Jackson and Kobe are the best of friends. Check them out sharing a nice, sweaty high-five as Kobe heads to the locker room. I would absolutely love to eavesdrop on a conversation between Samuel L. Jackson and Kobe Bryant. I wonder what they

The official's made some interesting calls in the Knicks vs. Lakers game on Christmas Day. Some of them were particularly shocking to Kobe Bryant.