Marco Rubio has his work cut out for him. The rising GOP star (he was, afterall, dubbed the party's “savior” by Time magazine) will be delivering the first-ever bilingual State of the Union rebuttal following President Obama's big

Former Vice President Dick Cheney pronounced himself a “big fan” of Sen. Marco Rubio in a radio interview Wednesday, calling the Florida senator a “first-rate asset.” “Marco's great,” Cheney said on Sean Hannity's radio show. “I'm a big fan of his

Up-and-coming Republican Senator Marco Rubio was facing the onslaught of a full-fledged Twitter meme after he awkwardly took a sip of water during his State o..

Marco Rubio is being a good sport about awkwardly taking a sip of water during his response to President Obama's State of the Union Address, using some Wednesday morning TV appearances to poke fun at himself. "I needed water, what am I going to do?

It was the swig heard 'round the world. Florida senator Marco Rubio, tasked with delivering the official Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address, found himself parched and distant from the