Three months before her death, Mary Leakey agreed it was impossible for scientists ever to pinpoint exactly when prehistoric man became fully human. But then, the precise relationship between man and his ancestors was not her passion; instead, she was celebrates the life and work of anthropologist Mary Leakey on her 100th birthday.

She was a talented artist, specializing in early Stone Age, able to flawlessly draw early tools and artifacts. He had a passion for fossils since he found arrowheads and tools as a child. Together, Mary and Louis Leakey would change the scientific

When Mary Douglas Nicol was born 100 years ago today, the idea of human physical evolution was only a few decades old, and very little evidence of any humanlike creatures beyond ourselves and living apes had been

Happy Birthday, Mary! Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Mary Leakey significantly contributed to our understanding of human evolution. February 6th marks the 100th anniversary of Mary's birthday and we are celebrating with a