Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Monday that Bevell and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley were "heading toward second interviews." Bradley is in the running for the Philadelphia Eagles' job. The Bears also will conduct a second interview with Marc

Think about it: The Seahawks' extraordinary comeback that fell just short of beating the Atlanta Falcons is a good tonic for our collective heartbreak. Clearly, this is a team with a future. As the Seahawks rose to the top of their game to play in

The Falcons got a big boost from their offensive line Sunday.

to put Brian Billick in a home. Despite what the scoreboard in front of him says, let alone the final moments of the game he just spent three hours watching, Billick thinks the Seattle Seahawks just defeated the Atlanta Falcons.

Russell Wilson of Seahawks Shows Talent and Poise in Loss – In the morgue silence of the Seattle locker room, several Seahawks sat frozen on folding chairs, staring straight ahead at nothing. A few heads