Some of the largest swells came in later in the day, with veteran surfer Peter Mel winning the Mavericks Invitational big wave surf contest.

Veteran big-wave surfer Peter Mel of Santa Cruz took the top prize Sunday afternoon in the 2013 Mavericks Invitational surf competition. Mel, 43, has participated in every championship at Mavericks since the event started in 1999, but his victory

It wasn't the greatest Mavericks surf contest ever held, but it will rank among the most memorable. Such is the power of a historical landmark. Sweet recognition finally came to Peter Mel, whose years of big-wave performance set the standard at the

An estimated 30000 people traveled to Half Moon Bay, Pillar Point Harbor and Princeton-By-The-Sea to check out the competition.

For the first time since 2010, the Mavericks Invitational surf contest — which requires wave faces of at least 20 feet — got under way at the bone-crushing break that has claimed the lives of two expert big wave surfers. Wave forecasters this week