Tubby Smith, who spent six seasons mired in mediocrity in the Big Ten, has been fired by Minnesota according to Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports. [UPDATE: Nadine tweeted about the rumor Smith had been fired an hour earlier.]

Tubby Smith has been officially fired by Minnesota. The university announced that Smith, who has been at the school since the 2007-08 season, has been relieved of his duties as head coach. Smith issued a statement in the release on the school's website.

REUTERS/Allen FredricksonSmith did not fail here; he just didn't succeed enough.La Salle University is a modest-sized Catholic school in northwestern Philadelphia.

Smith's answer — that the team lacked leadership — was a common refrain for him this season. It has some merit: You can't be with players every second of every day. You need hard workers to instill that in their teammates, and you need players who

College basketball's head coaches always appear to be on the hunt for longer, richer contracts from whatever school willing to hand one out. But as Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith learned today, big contracts come with even bigger expectations, and a