We've all heard the stories of the Cannes Film Festival audience booing the premiere of "Only God Forgives," Nicolas Winding Refn's first film after "Drive" with Ryan Gosling back front and center. Not very forgiving, huh? Those who are less judgmental

Judging from the reviews, most of the critics who hate "Only God Forgives" have coalesced around a narrative: it's too slow, too boring and much too violent. Which reviewers, however, felt most violated by Refn's newest feature? Ahead, the nine most

In Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn's Bangkok-set, ultra-violent thriller, Only God Forgives, she plays Mai, a singer in a karaoke bar who is entwined in the disreputable life of Gosling's Julian, who runs a Thai kick boxing gym as a front for an

Whether you're a die-hard Ryan Gosling fan or you've just been looking forward to his second collaboration with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, you may want to think twice before seeing Only God Forgives.

A movie review of “Only God Forgives,” a tale of family values at their most toxic. It's a peculiar hybrid: art house meets slaughterhouse, starring Ryan Gosling as a drug dealer in Bangkok and Kristin Scott Thomas as his vengeful mother. By Soren