Working offline with Google Docs: For those whose Internet connections are spotty or cut off, they can create and edit Google documents offline, including formatting text and adding comments. Changes are automatically synced when a user goes back online.

I just got word that Google added .xlsx and .docx file format support to Google Docs, making the online document application more useful to folks using recent versions of Microsoft Office . Zoho Writer already supported .docx,

"The latest version of Makadocs does not connect to a C&C (command and control) server directly, rather, it uses Google docs as a proxy server," it said in a blog post. It said it has confirmed that Backdoor.Makadocs arrives as a Rich Text Format (RTF

OpenERP has released version 7.0 of its open source enterprise resource planning system, OpenERP. The new version incorporates a range of new modules, collaborative messaging, and integration with Google Docs, among other new features. OpenERP

Security vendor Symantec said "Backdoor.Makadocs" gets commands from a remote server and steals information from an infected computer but uses Google Docs as a proxy.