Ichiro Suzuki got his 4,000 professional hit this week, 1,278 of which came in Japan, before he began playing in MLB in 2001. That raises a whole host of questions, how many would he have had if he had been born in the United States? Would he have 

Tuesday afternoon, Ichiro Suzuki collected the 3998th and 3999th hits of his professional career, with Ty Cobb and Pete Rose dead in his sights. But does Ichiro deserve to be considered in their class?

Missed Ichiro's historic hit? Now you can watch it 4000 times if you want to.

In 21 years, it's hard to imagine doing anything 4,000 times. Maybe simple, daily tasks like brushing your teeth or doing the dishes — but it's hard to imagine doing many other things 4,000 times. Ichiro Suzuki. (Getty Images).

It has long been known that Ichiro Suzuki is one of the most prolific hitters to ever play the game, but he achieved a statistical milestone on Wednesday that few others can claim as the New York Yankees outfielder collected the 4,000th hit of his

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