At Artuso Pastry Shop in the Bronx, the demand was there, but over on the supply side in the Vatican, the cardinals were not immediately obliging. “So many people were calling for pope cookies and we didn't know who the new pope would be,” said Natalie

He also shared some of his keepsakes from the conclave, including the large red leather-bound folder each cardinal received with all the cardinals' names in it; a blank ballot; and a book with the hymns and prayers used in the services surrounding the

By Michael Pearson. Richard Allen Greene and Dan Rivers, CNN Rome (CNN) — The Sistine Chapel is ready. The new pope's clothes are laid out. Now it's up to the cardinals. The work to elect a successor to retired Pope

Smaller and simpler than our federal government, the Vatican conclave worked. Perhaps we might incorporate some of their incentives to make our government more functional. Whenever a decision on a bill cannot be reached after three days, the House and

The outcome on Tuesday was expected, since all 115 of the cardinals are theoretically candidates, and the winner must receive two-thirds, or 77, of the votes. In past modern conclaves, the first ballot essentially served as a primary, with a number of