Xbox One Console Size Comparison. Here is a PS4 vs. Xbox One console size comparison: (PS4 is on the left, click an image for a larger view.) Update: Here's another more detailed console size comparison that includes

Having revealed the consoles a few months ago, Sony and Microsoft officially threw down yesterday during their respective E3 press

Now that both Sony and Microsoft have revealed their next gen gaming systems to the world on this year's E3, it is time to look at which of the consoles is better. Better depends of course on what your priorities are. Are you

Both controllers are along the same lines, taking no chances, though the PS4's DualShock 4 does have a capacitive touchpad, a headphone jack in the controller, and a built-in speaker, whilst the Xbox One's controller has only smoothed out its previous

Yesterday, the twin powers of Microsoft and Sony made their best efforts to woo players to their new consoles. It's actually the second attempt, as both companies held separate 'reveal' events for their respective consoles earlier in the year. Sony