After years of mystery and wonder, the famous voice of Siri was revealed on Oct. 4!

Atlanta resident and veteran voice actress Susan Bennett has claimed in an interview with CNN that she is original voice of Siri, Apple's popular iOS

Screenshot / YouTube. CNN has found Siri. Apple won't confirm it, but the cable news network is pretty sure it's got the right woman. She's a middle-aged voiceover actor named Susan Bennett, and she lives in CNN's backyard: suburban Atlanta.

We've all heard Siri's voice. Now for the first time, we can see her face! Susan Bennett has been revealed as the woman behind Apple's digital assistant. Bennett, a veteran voice actor, said she has stayed silent about her role as Siri's voice since

iPhone users can rejoice — Siri's voice has been revealed by CNN to belong to an Atlanta-based voiceover artist named Susan Bennett. The same woman also voices announcements in the Atlanta airport.

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