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Gears I use to film my videos.
GoPro Hero 5
Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount
Zoom H1 Recorder:
GiantSquid Audio Mic:
Sony A7R II
Sony RX100 V
Zhiyun Tech Crane-M:
Sony 20-70 lens
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What Sells on eBay | How to Make Money Online | Reseller Sales Report #5| Did I make my target?

Hello everyone,

Welcome to a Sparrows End eBay sales report. I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you some ideas about what sells on eBay. If you haven’t subscribed already then please do so and tap the notification bell so you are kept up to date with all my videos as they come out.

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Affiliate Links to the items I use to run my eBay shop
De-bobbler/Fabric Shaver
Mykal Sticky Stuff Remover 250ml
Magic Sponges for cleaning shoes
Kiwi Trainer Whitener
Tefal handheld steamer
50 SMALL clear polythene bags 10 x12 for SHORTS, SKIRTS, TOPS:
50 MEDIUM clear polythene bags 12 x 15 for JUMPERS, LONG DRESSES:
50 LARGE clear polythene bags 14 x 17 for BLAZERS, JACKETS, COATS:

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