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12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens

How to Make Money if You’re a Kid. It’s never too early to start making some profit and savings, is it? If you’re a kid with an entrepreneurial spirit and you’re looking to make your own money, here are 12 simple and effective ways to do just that.
10-year-old Ryan Kelly, one of the youngest contestants to appear on Shark Tank, has his own dog treat business called Ryan’s Barkery. There’s also Mikaila Ulmer, who took the classic lemonade stand to the next level when she founded BeeSweet Lemonade at just 11 years old. These kids are living proof that in the business world, age ain’t nothin’ but a number!

Do household chores 1:04
Mow lawns 1:37
Rake leaves 2:06
Run a lemonade stand 2:32
Sell baked goods 3:04
Have a garage sale 3:34
Sell your stuff to thrift stores 4:06
Sell homemade crafts 4:35
Start your own tutoring services 5:09
Upload and edit pictures for others 5:43
Set up a Facebook profile for people 6:16
Create mobile games 6:55
Dos and Don’ts 7:37


-Ask your parents nicely if they’re willing to pay you an allowance for folding the laundry or dusting the furniture.
-Ask around your neighborhood if anyone wants their lawn spruced up for a small fee. Find out which areas needs mowing and which should be strictly avoided.
-You can get a lot more cash if you offer to rake up and remove the leaves before you mow the lawn.
-Ice-cold lemonade is great in the summer, but switch it to hot chocolate when autumn and winter roll around. Set reasonable prices and be sure to keep your money in a secure place like a lockbox or money belt.
-You might sell cookies individually or bundle them for a lower price. You can even pair them with your lemonade or hot cocoa.
-Convert books, toys, clothes, or other items you no longer use into money instead of wastefully throwing them away.
-If you’re not confident enough in your negotiating and selling skills, head to your nearest consignment store or thrift shop and let them act on your behalf.
-Make and sell products like beaded jewelry, wind chimes from old keys, bookmarks, and garden decorations to name a few.
-Use your skills and talents in this or that subject to your advantage by teaching other kids in exchange for a fee.
-Whether you’re doing it for someone who simply doesn’t know how or perhaps they’re a busy adult without the time to spare, you can upload pictures saved in their camera to their laptop as a backup.
-Ask your parents, friends, and classmates if they know someone who’s interested in joining Facebook but don’t have the time or knowledge to set it up. Tell them you’re willing to do it for a reasonable price!
-Game builder websites such as Stencyl, Andromo, and QuickAppNinja can help you with their user-friendly software.
-Do inform your parents and ask their permission first. Don’t set unfair rates. Be reasonable with your pricing. Do business with people you and your family know and trust. Don’t agree to do a job you cannot do. Know your own skills and limits.

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The $400,000 Method – Make Money Online (Fiverr)

The $400,000 Method – Make Money Online (Fiverr)

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Earn $1 – $10 Per Click With 1 Website [Make Money Online]

How To Earn $1 – $10 Per Click With 1 Website [Make Money Online]

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In this video, we look at how you can earn $1 – $10 Per Click.

The website we are looking at today to make money online is called Creative Live.

In this one, I’m showing you how to earn $1-10 per click. You’re going to be doing affiliate marketing do drive traffic and customers to this one website in order to earn affiliate commissions.

In order for this to work, you’re going to need to a website to be able to sign up as an affiliate. So, I will show you how you can get a free website using my #1 recommendation for making money online and then you can sign up to share a sale and make even more money promoting other offers.

If you watch the entire video you will learn a very proven way to make money online using affiliate marketing and its as easy as being paid per click.

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Sites required for this to work,

Creative Live – https://www.creativelive.com/

Wealthy Affiliate – https://www.smartmoneytactics.com/wapassiveincome

This video was inspired by:

Mark – NTAS:

Digital Millionaire:

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Make $1-$10 Every time Someone Clicks (Make Money Online)

Make $1-$10 Every time Someone Clicks

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Earn $1 – $10 Per Click With 1 Website [Make Money Online]

Welcome To Today’s Video – Earn $1 $10 Per Click With 1 Website [Make Money Online]

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In this video, we look at how you can earn $1 – $10 Per Click.

The website we are looking at today to make money online is called Creative Live.

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Earn $1-10 PER CLICK With This 1 Website (Make Money Online)

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Earn $1-10 PER CLICK With This 1 Website (Make Money Online)

Hey guys, welcome back to another make money online video! In this one, I’m showing you one website that you can use to earn $1-10 per click. You’re going to be doing affiliate marketing do drive traffic and customers to this one website in order to earn affiliate commissions.

This is the one website we’re going to be using to get paid per click:

In order for this to work, you’re going to need to a website to be able to sign up as an affiliate. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I have a video that will show you how you can make a website in under 10 minutes. You can watch that here:

How To Make A Website In Under 10 Minutes – No Coding Needed (Easy & Simple): https://youtu.be/tWQIxfm4wJw

As I always say, this website won’t make you rich. This is just a little bit of side income and a nice way to make a few extra bucks every month and work at home to make money online.

If you want to make a full time passive income online and start your own online business from home in 2019, check my number 1 recommendation at the top of the description!

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💻 Start Your Own Website

⚒️ The Tools You Need To Create A Successful Business Online https://buildfunnelstoday.com/tools


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How to Make Money Online Q&A! #1

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Questions and Answers in Today’s Video:

1. Barcodes to use? [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9CqbgSLxxk]

2. Buying Aliexpress to ebay? [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0tdjbxm8QU]

3. Recommended amount to start after buying your course? – $20+ if in the USA. $500 if outside

4. Important things to pay attention to as a new ebay seller? Price. Images.

5. What to sell? – EVERYTHINGGGGG.

6. Input on Toys? – Good, but not beginner friendly.

7. Case Study? – https://events.genndi.com/register/169105139238463285/ff08a6e80e

8. Why are you so cool and awesome? – OOOH YOUUU 🙂

9. I don’t know coding. I can’t do anything. – Learn…. Or use WIX/Shopify/Wordpress/ Any other website maker.

10. Affiliate marketing? – Meh. Only if I really like the product. I’m not a gold digger.

11. Training if I paid you? – Yea, I have an Amazon Training Program here: http://bit.ly/Amazon-Millionaire

12. Clickbank? Nah..

13. Taxes? They are very involved. People spend years learning it all. Hire a CPA.

14. Do a drop shipping course? YEAH!